An arcade for the new Leegate? dream on…

There are new documents posted by St Modwen on the Planning page of Lewisham Council to update the Leegate proposal.  

We at were amused to see the company response to the committee’s concerns about the ‘arcade’.  The ‘arcade’ is the passageway that passes the entrance to Asda and houses the travellator to the carpark.

Back in December 2015, the Chair of Lewisham’s strategic planning committee, Cllr Amanda de Rijk expressed concern that the space looked too narrow and would be dominated by the travellator.  St Modwen has now posted more plans of the space and a defence of it.  The company has helpfully shared photographs of what arcades can look like.  Our favourite is this one:

St Modwen's helpful photo of what an arcade can look like
St Modwen’s helpful photo of what an arcade can look like

It turns out to be an architecturally important – and beautiful – arcade in Amsterdam.  Will Lee Green residents be able to enjoy such an attractive bit of architecture?  What do you think?  Oh yes, and where have they hidden the travellator?

Come on St Modwen, please don’t take us for idiots.

You can see the new documents here: You can see them here:



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