An open letter to Lewisham council from a resident: do we really need so many CPZ signs?

Dear Council
Walking down my street today, there is a growing sense of exclusion.  Not one sign, not two or three, but outside nearly every house a pole has appeared, marked “P – residents only”. Micheldever 2 Out from the boundaries, protruding black poles grow from the pavements at half height – the first delivers a message, just residents parking – I get it – but then the second, the third, another and another “residents only”.   By sheer repetition these signs shout “you are not welcome here”.   And that’s not all, there are signs on lamp posts too, yet to be uncovered, but presumably they will repeat the same message down to the noisy halfling signs shouting up from below.  

How did this happen?  When did providing public services become about fostering protectionist and unwelcoming environments.  I am quite sure that no-one is going to pop by for coffee now uninvited – the hassle of “how will I park?” quite apart. Southbrook 

Did we bring this on ourselves? By replying to your consultation (a carefully directed and worded one at that), did any of us really invite the sheer volume of street signage repeating the same unwelcome message?  In a conservation area, where we need planning consent to change anything on the frontage of our houses, is this level of signage really necessary?   Do your planning Department approve this, they who resist the slightest garden improvement out of keeping with the traditional nature of our Edwardian properties?

I am usually quite placid and almost never complain.  But this just seems a step too far.  Especially as the name of an adjoining road is broken and now missing and none of the contractors installing the signs seems to fix or even notice that.    Not only do we want you to keep out, say the signs, but we are not even going to tell you where Micheldeveryou are…

But will it solve the problem, yes or no?  Time will tell.  I don’t know about others, but so far not so good for me.   There are less spaces now, not more it seems, yellow lines restrict my parking across my own drive – will you now fine me, a permit holding resident, if unloading my children and shopping, I park across my own drive?  

Dear council, please walk down my road and listen.  It’s like the dystopian fantasies my children read – sectioned in a “CP Zone”.

Signed: a Micheldever Road resident

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