Beleaguered Old Road resident reveals the horrors of living next door to Pentland House

I am a home owner on Old Road.  We live very close to Pentland House
(Pentland House, 30 Old Rd, Lewisham, SE13 5SZ).  Recently, this property
has been converted into a hostel.  Ever since, the road has been blighted
by coach arrivals and departures (some of them very large), which are not
suitable for the road – the road is one-way and they cannot get through
where cars are parked in parking bays.
image 2
On more than one occasion someone has
knocked on our door to ask if we know if the car parked outside our
property, legally in a parking bay, can be moved to allow the coach to
pass.  In addition, we now have to suffer early morning deliveries (before
6am) from large lorries which again are unsuitable for the road.
Furthermore, the volume of people coming and going from the hostel at all
hours is disrupting a previously peaceful neighbourhood.  We have had to on
several occasions call the hostel reception to complain about noise after


image 3
My husband is enquiring with the council about the planning process for this material change 
in commercial operation at this property.  We would presume that it would
have required planning permission, but we did not see any pre-notification
of this, and neither have any of my neighbours who we’ve spoken to. 
Note from we have asked Cllt Simon Hooks to investigate and will keep you updated
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