Black bin collections to drop to once a fortnight for residents with wheelie bins

Lewisham council is to scale back its black bin collections in an attempt to improve its recycling record. From June, homes with wheelie bins will drop to fortnightly collections rather than weekly. Recycling and garden waste will remain weekly.

There will also be a weekly food waste bin collection. 23 litre outside caddies and 5 litre indoor caddies will be delivered in May. A small number of compostable bags will be delivered free but plastic bags are forbidden because they are contaminants. Newspapers are acceptable for wrapping food.

Lewisham Council plans to scale back from 13 vehicles to 8 and from 52 operatives to 32 for its black bin collection. Food and garden waste will be increased by 1 vehicle and 11 operatives.

Lewisham has regularly been named as the London council with the poorest record for recycling. In December EnviroWaste named Lewisham as worst in London with just 17.1 per cent of households recycling their rubbish compared with 54% in Bexley.

We have requested an interview with the councillor responsible for recycling. So watch this space for more information.

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