Community Showcase at Manor House Gardens Festival, Saturday 23 June

A dozen local community groups had a chance to promote what they do while providing fun activities for families attending this year’s Manor House Gardens Festival on Saturday 23 June.

Volunteers were on hand all day to greet the many visitors who looked into the Showcase tent at the back of the central green. Hosted by Lee Green Assembly, they talked to people about issues such as Leegate, traffic and other concerns of local people, handed out free goodies and made masks for children. Some groups sold their art and plants to raise funds.

Groups promoted what they do, while recruiting extra volunteers to help with their activities. A special booklet under the banner “Our Community, Our Say” provided pen sketches of all the groups, who are members or supporters of a local “Consortium”, created to work together and support each other in meeting the needs and hopes of local people.

Among the groups attending were Lee Green Lives (Leegate Community Centre), Lee Manor Society, Users and Friends of Manor House Library, Friends & Users of Staplehurst Shops (FUSS), Lee Fair Share (time bank), Lee Forum, Lee Green Open Studios, Friends of Manor Park, Lochaber Hall Association, and of course Friends of Manor House Gardens.

For a copy of the booklet, contact Ade Joseph, coordinator of Lee Green Assembly on 020 8314 6026;

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