Email from Mayor Sir Steve Bullock to Patricia Richardson sheds little light on the Manor House and library’s future

Dear Patricia,
Thank you for your email of 2nd June 2016. I trust that you will appreciate that I am unable to comment on individual bids until they have been assessed by officers and presented to me for decision. 
You are correct that the council has committed to working with community stakeholders during this process.  I understand that officers met with representatives of key community groups to discuss the tender pack.  The Community Interest Event was never intended to be a public event but rather a follow up to those initial meetings with community representatives.  A provisional date was included in the tender pack but instead of holding one meeting for all three buildings it has been decided to meet separately in relation to Torridon, Forest Hill and Manor House.  These meetings are in the process of being set up.  
In the meantime, officers are still on track to present a report to Mayor and Cabinet in July as originally scheduled.
Yours sincerely,
mayor, Steve Bullock
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