Get fit with Nordic walking

Nordic walking is a free get-fit class which works upper and lower body.

A new ‘how to’ class starts on Thursday 14th April at 10am at Manor House Gardens.

Get fit with Nortdic walking
Get fit with Nordic walking

Should you try it? These people say yes:

“Since starting Nordic Walking I feel much fitter and have more energy generally. It’s good to walk in a group – everyone’s very supportive.”

” My posture has really improved!”

“My walking style is much better since the course and I try to walk everywhere instead of taking the car or the bus.”

“I was relatively active before signing up to Nordic Walking but not a great walker. Since taking up Nordic Walking I now find walking exhilarating and an excellent form of exercise; challenging yet very invigorating.”

To sign up for the next 4 week course people should contact the instructor Sonya on or phone the Community Health Improvement Service on Freephone 0808 141 0118.


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