Groups to work together for Lee Green

Three of the area’s voluntary groups have joined together to kick-start a consortium – open to all community groups – and build on the success of the Community Showcase that proved so popular at last summer’s Manor House Gardens Festival.

Friends of Manor House Gardens, Lee Green Lives and Lee Manor Society have now won a bid of £1229.75 from the Local Assembly Mayor’s Fund to pay for next year’s Showcase and look for ways to enhance and develop local groups’ capacity by working together and securing future resources in the face of continuing cuts in public authorities’ funds.

The initial aim of the Showcase was to promote the work of Lee Green’s community groups under the banner of “Our Community, Our Say”. Its longer-term aim was to lay the foundations for groups to come together in a more formal structure.

Among the goals the Assembly has agreed the new consortium should meet are to:

  • Establish a steering group, procedural guidelines (e.g., constitution, policies), and priorities (action plan);
  • Organise the Showcase 2017;
  • Work on other activities, including joint bids for more resources;
  • Support the Manor House Working Group to ensure the new management provides accessible community use to all groups;
  • Provide some training to support local groups in their governance;
  • Publish a community/voluntary directory of local groups;
  • Support and sustain the Assembly’s website (

In addition, the consortium would work to make sure the Assembly’s Local Plan’s priorities will continue to be met, in particular, supporting residents’ sense of well-being and/or life chances. These would include improving our parks, roads and streets, and supporting activities and help in Leegate community centre that target older and young people, and people experiencing disadvantage, whether economic or isolation/loneliness.

“We all face challenges on the time and energy of our volunteers, made more difficult by the cuts in funding to public services,” said Cllr Jim Mallory. “The result leaves more of us competing for resources from national and local charities and other fund providers. In addition, the Council’s Assembly Fund may well be cut in future years.

“The plan to set up a consortium shows local groups in Lee Green accept the challenge and know the best way of meeting it is through working together,” Cllr Mallory said.

A number of other local groups, namely, FUSS, Newstead TRA, Lee Forum, Lee Oasis, Friends of Manor House Library and Lee Green Women’s Institute have given their support in principle to the initiative.

A first meeting will be called early in the New Year to set up the consortium.


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