If you like beer and chocolate, you’ll love Park Fever

Park Fever is a new craft beer and chocolate (yes, really) shop and bar in Hither Green. We sampled it on a Saturday night when it was packed. It stocks Brockley beer among others and delicious (if pricey) chocolate bars. There a one pound fee per can or bottle if you drink the beer in the bar.

Park Fever was the name of Hither Green Hospital from 1897 to 1948.

We spoke to Adrian Varley who owns Park Fever.

Q: Why beer and chocolate – it seems an unusual combination?
A: I wanted to open a craft beer shop and I used to work in fine chocolate for a company called Paul A.Young so I thought people who were interested in craft beer may also be interested in craft chocolate.

Q: Why did you choose Hither Green?
A: I live locally and saw both a gap in the market and a local community who were willing to support small independent shops and businesses.

Q: Are you a beer shop or a bar?
A: Definitely a shop where you can also enjoy the beers on the premises if you so desire. Hours are until 9pm at the latest.

Q: You’ve opened opposite a pub – The Station Hotel – so are you aiming to poach customers?!
A: Not at all ! It was the only premises in the area that I was able to secure. Pure co-incidence. I’m sure local residents will be able to enjoy both establishments.

Q: How is business?
A: There has been a fantastic response which I am keen to maintain and provide interesting products in a pleasant environment.

Park Fever
21a Staplehurst Road
Hither Green.
SE13 5ND

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