It’s all change at Lee Green Lives

We’re the group that runs the community centre in Leegate shopping centre (opposite Iceland), providing:

  • Activities that meet your needs or wishes – all ages, abilities and backgrounds
  • A place to meet, make friends and do business
  • Youth Clubs and holiday activities for young people in the area
  • Support and advice to people – with computers to help find information
  • Volunteering opportunities, developing your skills and experience

Now we have funding to increase the range of what we do, in the process working with other local community groups to support what they do and develop a network that will help us share information and increase all our potential (see over for more details). First thing we’re doing is holding:

A Community Picnic

When: Saturday 12 September 11am-4pm

Where: Lee Green Community Centre, SE12 8SS

Contact: 020 7998 1004; Email:

Lee Green Lives’ aims are to increase local people’s sense of well-being, meeting some of their social, health and economic needs. For some, that may mean helping them to become more active, for others to overcome loneliness or disadvantage. Overall, that means bringing the whole community together.




















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About Lee Green Lives

We were founded in 2009 to “do something” about Leegate, the local run-down shopping centre. Lee Green Assembly has supported us in trying revive the fortunes of the precinct while ensuring local people have some say in any redevelopment. That’s been difficult, but…


Our group took over an empty property and have transformed it into a vibrant community centre, using our limited resources and the boundless enthusiasm and energy of local volunteers to maintain activities which, we hope, help to meet some of the local community’s needs. Our worker, Shirley Kirkland, coordinates the activities, through her warm and generous personality helping people to host activities or drop in with their concerns and problems, or simply to meet others.


Throughout we have been supported by Lee Green Assembly, in spirit and kind – providing us with people and money through the Mayor’s Fund. Now, we have received funding from Lewisham Council to work with the Assembly to increase our ability to meet needs in the area, working with local groups. That work will include:

  • Widening the range of activities for people of all needs, ages and background – everything from sociable tea-and-chat, computer classes, knitting and sewing sessions, to healthy exercises for the elderly and people with disabilities, and English as a second language
  • Increasing the numbers of volunteers, increasing their skills and experience while helping others, and developing network across the ward
  • Increasing activities while working with local housing providers, schools, council services and care agencies, food bank and traders – both in the community centre and beyond – and helping people who need advice and support, using the centre as a “drop-in” resource
  • Working with local community groups, strengthen existing links and developing new ones, creating a network with resources to share information and increase all our potential to meet local needs


Many groups and organisations have supported us in preparing and winning this bid. Our thanks go to:


All user groups of Lee Green Community Centre

Lee Manor Society

Friends and Users of Staplehurst Shops (FUSS)

Lee Fair Share Time Bank

Soul Refresh

Leegate Knitters

Get-Together Club

Friends of Manor House Gardens

Manor Park Users’ Group

Community Garden

A Better Lee Green

Friends of Manor House Library


Affinity Sutton

Peabody Residents

Lee Green Women’s Institute

Mizen Foundation

Eco Communities

Trinity School

Brindishe Primary Schools

Abbey Manor College



Contact: Shirley Kirkland, Lee Green Lives Coordinator

Community Centre (opposite Iceland), Leegate SE12 8SS

Telephone: 020 7998 1004; Email:





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