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Update on Implementation of Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs)
Zone P
This is an existing zone where the hours of operation are changing. We are in the process of changing over the signs, until this work is completed.  We hope to complete this by the beginning of May. If this is not possible we will update residents on the Council’s web site.
If the new controls are ready by early May we will update the web site and write to residents with a date for the commencement of enforcement of the new hours of operation.
Roads Within Zone P
Chalcroft Road      Ennersdale Road       Fernbrook Road             Fernbrook Crescent 
Kellerton Road       Leahurst Road          Longhurst Road            Manor Lane (From Kellerton Road to Southbrook Road)
Manor Park           Pascoe Road            Staplehurst Road          Taunton Road (Nos 52-106 inclusive) 
Thornwood Road
Zone LG
This is a new CPZ. Unfortunately progress on putting in the lines and signs for this zone has been held up by inclement weather, repeated vandalising of the signs and posts and the need to use a lifter to relocate cars obstructing the lining work. Until this zone is completed, NSL are not enforcing this zone.
Those residents who have pre-purchased their permits will have their permit valid dates adjusted by the system automatically to ensure they have a permit valid for the full 12 months (3 months).
We are  hopeful the new controls will be ready to go live in early May. We will update residents via the web site and will write to all households in the zone with information regarding the commencement of enforcement.
Roads within Zone LG
Burnt Ash Road          Effingham Road        Handen Road       Hedgley Street
Micheldever Road             Southbrook Road      Taunton Road      Wantage Road
Zone MH
The new Zone MH, formally part of Zone F is subject to a change of operating hours. We are currently in the process of changing the signs to indicate the new operating hours.
This zone’s new operating hours should be operational by early May. We will update the web site and write to all households giving a start date for enforcement of the new hours.
Roads within Zone MH
Aislibie Road          Brightfield Road        Cordwell Road               Lampmead Road
Lenham Road        Manor Lane              Manor Lane Terrace       Northbrook Road
Zone F
This is an existing zone as the operating hours of the zone have remained the same. The existing posts and signs are being changed new 1.2m post with signs which will be placed at the back of footpath, which will be less obtrusive We are currently in the process of changing over the posts and signs.
Roads within Zone F
Abernethy Road     Lochaber Road
Murillo Road          Rembrandt Road
Zone B – Weardale Road
This zone is completed and is operational
Zone OB – Old Road and Bankwell Road
This zone is completed and is operational
Zone V – Holme Lacey Road and Dallinger Road
This zone is completed and is operational
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