Lee Fair Share – your local Time Bank

Lee Fair ShareTime Banking is getting very popular in the UK and the Lee and Hither Green Time Bank has been going for just over ten years. Time Banks deal with an alternative currency – time, not money. It is a way for people to share skills with others in their community and be rewarded for it- with time credits. For every hour you spend helping someone you will receive a Time Credit. It also offers people a chance to get to know their neighbours and make friends.

We are keen to recruit new members as we believe everyone has skills to share, for example, gardening, befriending, DIY, shopping/doing errands or offering to help a person sew/ knit. In return you get an opportunity to ask for some help or attend classes/groups run by Lee Fair Share, for example, art, making jewellery, walking, French conversation and a bookclub.

Spring Party – We are holding a party on Saturday, March 14th (6.00pm – 9.30pm) at the Soul Refresh café, Unit 9, Leegate, SE12 8SS. If you would like to learn more about time banking do come along – there will be refreshments, entertainment and information.

Please contact us for further details:


07875 082571

Or visit our website on http://www.leefairshare.org.uk/index.html

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