Lee Food Assembly launches this month

From left: Apples from Meopham; Sourdough bread from Shooters Hill micro-bakery; Jams and chutneys from Peckham

If you love good food, here is an exciting initiative to bring food directly from the farm gate or the producer’s door to residents of Lee Green.

Around the country, Food Assemblies are springing up to cut out the middle-man and enable consumers to buy direct.

Now food-lover Katie Irving is launching one in Lee.

Katie Irving outside the Home shop in Lee Road where the Food Assembly will be based

While she was studying for her Geography and Spanish degree, Katie became concerned about how difficult it is to identify where your food comes from. “The supermarket label says ‘imported from Chile’, but where in Chile? It’s a huge country – I know, I’ve been there,” she says.

“’Fresh’ on the labels means nothing. Fresh food and veg can have been stored in nitrogen for six months and apples may have been frozen,” she adds.

Truly fresh, locally sourced food is at the heart of the Food Assembly movement. Katie has had an enjoyable few months, visiting farmers’ market and providers sampling wares.


Veg farm
Veg from Stanhill near Hextable

She has found some delicious food for us to buy. Meat from Romney Marsh, seasonal fish from a Sussex supplier, apples from Meopham, jams and chutneys from Peckham, bread from a micro-bakery at Shooters Hill, veg from Stanhill, croissants and brioches from Chislehurst, macarons and cheesecake from Greenwich. Most unlikely local fare is fresh coffee from a roaster in Shooters Hill.

“80% of the food we buy comes from the four big supermarket chains,” Katie says, buying fresh, good food with no middleman has to be a better idea.


Macarons from Greenwich

How it works

Go to https://foodassembly.com/en/assemblies/8688 and sign up. Online ordering starts on 22 September. You order a week in advance so you can pick it up on 29 September at Home, 121 Lee Rd, London SE3 9DS.

Who gets rich out of it?

No-one! Producers pay 16.7 % of their pre-tax turnover and organisers like Katie get half (8.35%) of that for their time and the other half (8.35%) pays for admin.

Sample the goodies

The Food Assembly launches on the 29 September between 6.30pm and 8.30pm at Home in Lee Road. Producers will attend and you can talk to them and try before you buy.

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