Lee Green Assembly is seeking bids for funding – £12,500 is available

Lee Green Assembly fund 2017–18

The Lee Green Assembly funding is now open for groups and organisation who can deliver projects which improve the Lee Green area. We hope to involve people from all parts of the ward while working to help people of all ages and backgrounds to achieve their aspirations and overcome any disadvantage.  

How much is available?

There is £12,500 available to apply from. In addition a Locality Fund of £2,500 known as the Councillor Discretionary fund is also available for community activities or projects of a one-off nature. Projects proposed for the £2,500 grant does not need to adhere to one of the Assembly priorities, but must benefit or enhance local community. The Lee Green Councillors – Simon Hooks, Jim Mallory and Pat Raven – have agreed that this discretionary fund should also be voted on by the Assembly. 


What can it be spent on?

The money could be used to start up a project, support a group to develop new activities, or support a larger project that has secured funding from other sources. The projects must also aim to tackle the priorities that have been identified by residents, community groups and local businesses:


  • Traffic and pollution: Traffic speeds, and rat running.  (Traffic associated with schools and the Old Road hostel as well as HGVs, vans and diesel engine vehicles.)
  • Parking in areas without restrictions:  over parking causing problems for residents.
  • Our environment: Improving parks, green spaces, community gardens and streets.  (Assembly members also deplored fly tipping, litter, dog fouling,  and neglected or empty buildings
  • Better provision for all age groups, for a range of interests and needs, and events to bring the community together.
  • Addressing anti-social behaviour and crime: misuse of bikes, noise, drug dealing
  • Improved transport links and accessibility of railway stations in the Ward

Funding Restrictions 

  • The Assembly  fund cannot be spent on activities that requires ongoing revenue
  • To fund activities that promotes religious and political party views
  • To fund activities or projects that have already taken place

How to apply

Complete the attached assembly fund 2017–18 application form and send it to adeyinka.joseph@lewisham.gov.uk.


The Closing dates for all bids is Friday 8 September 2017. For further information please call 020 8314 6026 or email adeyinka.joseph@lewisham.gov.uk

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