Lee Green roadworks misery to go on until May

Residents will have to suffer the noise and nuisance of the roadworks at Lee Green crossroads until May, a TfL spokesperson has told us. ‘It is complex work,’ she said, ‘with a lot of upgrades going on’. 

TfL’s website lists the work as:

  • Converting the straight across signalised pedestrian crossings into staggered 2-stage signalised pedestrian crossings as described above. All roads will have new wider islands.
  • The new islands enable wider right turn pockets to be provided in the middle of the junction. This will improve visibility for right turning traffic
  • Some of the carriageway will be widened to enable vehicles and pedestrians to use the junction as they do now whilst introducing larger pedestrian islands
  • Provision of staggered 2-stage pedestrian crossings provides more time for traffic to pass through the junction, reducing queuing in the area.

Reducing pollution at the crossroads will be crucial to plans to redevelop Leegate. At their last meeting, planners said they will scrutinise the effect of the new junction layout in the context of expected traffic increases for the new supermarket. If the changes don’t improve traffic flow, St Modwen may find its plans rejected.


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