Lee Manor Society commentary on St Modwen’s document:

The Society’s views on the Leegate redevelopment are reflected in the Lee Green Assembly Working Party document (dated 5 November 2014) available on the Society’s website www.leemanorsociety.org. Since then St Modwen has produced a four-page colour brochure explaining its plans and inviting residents to a public exhibition. This is our response to that brochure.

  • The large area of greenery and trees at the centre of the development is at second floor level, above the superstore and car park, and is for residents of the flats. There is no public access and it is not public open space.
  • Even on St Modwen’s own drawings, which might be expected to put a positive slant on the redevelopment, the public space running along the Burnt Ash Road pavement looks minimal. It does not look adequate to contain seating, cafe activities and a market. Half of the space is already public pavement, not in St Modwen’s gift.
  • It is not clear from the drawings where shoppers’ cars and delivery vehicles will enter the car park and service area.
  •  There are no buses and few cars illustrated on the shopping centre side of Burnt Ash Road. Traffic and pollution are important concerns that we have.
  • The text of the document makes a great deal of tree planting on the site. Do we really need to be told that magnolia trees “blossom in spring” or that trees “will change with the seasons”? This suggests a paucity of good things to say about the buildings.
  • The drawings emphasise how the corner building and other flats will dominate the street scene. The Leybridge Court flats behind, which St Modwen says are of a similar height, are set back from the street in mature landscaped grounds.
  • The document makes no mention of the public response to St Modwen’s second public exhibition – no longer described as a consultation – in June. The plans had been revised but many residents expressed concerns about the continuing lack of public space, massing of the tall blocks and traffic volumes at that exhibition.

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