“Lego” homes to come to Lee

We attended the Lewisham Homes consultation and here’s the story.

Artist’s impression

Up to 53 social homes are proposed for the top of Burnt Ash Hill and if planning permission is granted, they’ll arrive on a truck fully-formed with kitchens and bathrooms intact. 

The model is based on the Ladywell pods but final construction will be even easier because balconies will be integrated rather than having to be bolted on.

These are not temporary homes.  They will have foundations and landscaping but the buildings will be made in a factory.

The units will replace the Mayfair Hostel for temporarily homeless people.  Lewisham Homes, the organisation that runs Lewisham Council homes, promises that no-one will be forced out of the hostel – they will be housed elsewhere.  It will be paid from council rents – and hopefully with support from the GLA.

The new residents will be current Lewisham Council tenants and we’re assured children who move in are likely to be attending schools already rather than having to increase the pressure on local schools.

Off the shelf – you choose the colour – yellow?

It will be a CAR-FREE development.  Apart from some spaces for disabled people, there will be no parking.  So where will visitors park?  This could prove a headache for residents of surrounding roads.  If the proposal goes ahead, we may be need controlled parking zones to extend to more roads.

If all goes to plan, the homes will be finished next summer.



Or red








Lewisham Homes are keen to get your views: should there be fewer homes and space for small businesses? What colour should the exterior be?

Please do the survey and let Lewisham Homes know your views: http://www.lewishamhomes.org.uk/new-homes/mayfield-burnt-ash-hill-lee/

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