Making a difference: Celebrating Lee Green’s volunteers’ work

Get-Together at Lochaber Hall on Saturday 11 November at 7.30pm

Local groups are celebrating their volunteers and the work they do with a big Get-Together at Lochaber Hall on Saturday 11 November at 7.30pm.
Up to 200 residents of Lee Green who help out across a dozen community groups have been invited for a buffet-style meal, at which they can meet others, have fun and find out from each other what they like most about their work and how they might do even better with more support. It’s also open to anyone who is thinking about becoming a volunteer.

It’s being organised by twelve local community groups who have joined together to form Lee Green Consortium. They decided to honour their members who provide hours of help with no tangible reward to support an activity, service or amenity on behalf of residents… whether it’s a health programme, local park, library or community centre.

Highlight of the evening may well turn out to be the Grand Raffle, with lucky winners going for a free meal or other service from local businesses. Spice of Life, Archibald’s, Pistachio’s with a free meal for two, while Shorter (formerly Graham Webb) with a free haircut… are among those offering prizes and among the goodies – including a House of Commons bottle of whisky – on offer.
“Volunteers by their efforts do so much to support and bring the community together, often without much by way of recognition,” says Shirley Kirkland of Lee Green Lives, who run the community centre in Leegate and who is coordinating the event. “This celebration of their work, we hope, will be a small token of our appreciation while also providing them with a chance to make new friends and share experiences.”

It’s open to all who volunteers in Lee Green, as well as anyone thinking about becoming a volunteer, but please contact Shirley Kirkland if you think you have been missed out, so numbers can be catered for accurately. Her details are:; or telephone 020 7998 1004.

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