Manor Park? THE Manor Park? Raising the profile of our delightful green space


How do we raise the profile of Manor Park?  Join the debate with your views.

Richard Shaw, Chair of Hither Green Community Hall & Arts Society kicks off the discussion with his appeal to Lee Green Councillors:


A police officer on the beat said last week in the park says she wouldn’t have even known it was there if her partner hadn’t brought her in.

If the local police force don’t know it is there how can members of the public be expected to know?


The Arts Cafe opened at the start of May this year after the last cafe owner (Jasper) left last year as he was having repeated problems with Glendale not repairing the toilets which was putting people off staying and using the cafe and therefore the park. The toilets are now fixed (in the Autumn of last year I think) and Fred & Banu who run the Cafe ( now are putting in a lot of effort to raise awareness of the Cafe and Park but need some help to get it done properly.

I am sure a year or so ago there was talk of changing the Manor Park/Manor House Gardens names which I didn’t agree with; but on reflection I think adding the word ‘The’ to the park name (The Manor Park) would differentiate it from the road of the same name. Also signage from Hither Green station, Lee High Road and Manor Lane (at least), I think, would be helpful.

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