Put yourself in Safe Hands

Andrew soothes the muscles of a Nordic walker in Manor House Garden

Have you overdone the summer activities?  Does the thought of autumn and winter make you feel tense?  You may want to make an appointment with local masseur Andrew Stern of Safe Hands. Andrew works from his home in Lee Green but you may have seen him giving chair massages at Neal’s Yard in Blackheath – or in Manor House Gardens soothing the knots in the shoulders of Nordic walkers.  He can visit you in your home or in your workplace.

Andrew says: “On the whole, clients come to me for help in dealing with the strains and stresses of daily life.

“I find most people do try to look after their bodies, but the demands of daily life, whether it’s commuting, sport, or sitting for too long in front of a screen, can cause all kinds of tensions to build up.

“For many people this is felt most strongly in the neck and shoulders, though the lower back is also an area where people often feel the strain.

“It’s important to treat the body as a whole, and while I will work in and around the areas where the tension feels greatest, I’ll also look to relax the whole body. This can have quite a powerful effect emotionally, leaving clients feeling floaty and relaxed in a deep sense. When I contact them the next day they nearly always tell me how well they slept following the massage!”

If you have been meaning to book a massage as a late summer treat, here’s an extra temptation… For the rest of August Andrew is offering a double discount on all massages, which means you can claim a £20 reduction on any two massages booked before the end of August. This applies to any individual massage treatments listed on the Safe Hands website. Massages must be booked by 31 August but can be taken any time up to 31 October. Contact Andrew before the end of the month via Nextdoor, Facebook or the website, to claim your discount. Safe Hands Massage https://www.safehandsse12.uk/

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