Rubbish! Lewisham still messing up










This was the scene at Manor Lane on 29 September.  One lot of council workers had bagged up the rubbish from the bins and another lot failed to collect them until the next day by which time the foxes had ripped the bags open.

We raised the matter on behalf of a local resident with Cllr Simon Hooks who approached the council.  This is the reply he received:

Whilst  we aim to collect blue bags on the day the sweeper places them for collection, operationally it is not always possible however they are collected the next day.

“There was a change in the normal crew on Thursday which seems to have affected how the bags were picked up on that day. The majority of blue bags contain litter collected from the road, only a small number are produced from emptying the litterbins.

“The use of bags to contain street litter is common practise (sic) and installing special containers to hold these bags is beyond the resources available. The Manager has spoken to the crews to ensure the bags are collected promptly however there will be occasions when this is not possible and we can only apologise when this happens.”

A month on, this was the scene yet again in Manor Lane:










Another glitch?  Maybe or maybe not.  We believe it’s unacceptable for rubbish to be left out of bins – after all, residents have to ensure it is always left in bins.  We will keep complaining until this stops happening.

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