The latest step in the downgrading of Manor House Library

Councillors on Lewisham’s Safer & Stronger Communities Committee voiced a number of concerns on Monday 30 November about the implementation of the Council’s proposal to turn three of its libraries – including our own Manor House Library – into community libraries, with the intention of having them run by not-for-profit organisations.

They asked questions about the ways in which the levels of book provision would be maintained and arrangements about staffing. Lee Green Councillor Jim Mallory got assurances from officers that each library would be treated on its individual merits and that local views would be reflected in the new proposals.

There was real interest in Lee Green Assembly’s proposed working group that will look at ways of ensuring community needs are met.

Local representatives of the library communities – including Peter Richardson, Chair of Friends of Manor House Library – made impassioned pleas in defence of the existing library provision.

The committee’s role is to scrutinise cuts proposals before they go to Lewisham’s Mayor and Cabinet, in this case the meeting on Wednesday 9 December.

The Council’s proposals are aimed at achieving £1 million in savings, part of the £45 million in Government cuts on Lewisham for 2016-17.

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