We’ve won the battle to get the corner of Wantage Road and Taunton Road cleaned up!

For years residents have been battling to get the ever-changing pile of rubbish on the corner of Wantage Road and Taunton Road cleared up.  As soon as it was cleared away more would be added. Old loos, three piece suites, bags of household waste and much more were dumped there day and night.

Montage Lewisham Homes rubbish tip

Lewisham Homes which administers the small estate there said the area was for residents to leave their ‘lumber’ for clearance.  We said, judging by the number of armchairs that end up on the pile, the residents must change their furniture every few weeks.

So where did the rubbish come from?  It was clear that the patch had become know to fly-tippers and they used it as their free dump of choice.  Meanwhile, we foot the bill and suffer the eyesore.

A campaign by and lots of tweets led to a meeting with Chris Hart from Lewisham Homes.

Chris Hart, Lewisham Homes

Chris, seen here holding the picture of the rubbish agreed it looked horrible and offered to clean it up – straight away.  His workforce will build an enclosure for the estate residents’ ‘lumber’ and to make it impregnable to fly-tippers.  He’s also installing bollards to stop the tippers’ trucks driving onto the grass and he’s going to get the store doors repainted. He’s also planning to seek agreement with Trinity school to use their CCTV for surveillance.  A sign to that effect will be put on the wall.  Great news all round – particularly for the poor residents who live next to the dump.

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