Volunteering: It’s fun and gives you a sense of purpose!

Lochaber Hall buzzed with the sound of over 60 volunteers had, by all accounts, a great time – chatting, eating and winning prizes to the sound of a low-key band on Saturday 11 November, Representing some 15 local groups, they said what they get from volunteering – it added fun and purpose to their lives. For many, it was a good way to meet new people, feel part of a team and make a difference in the neighbourhood.

Several volunteers from Manor House library said they felt proud they were helping keep the local library open. One added that he gained great satisfaction that the library he’d used for 38 years is still open with his help. Others from a variety of local groups said they were learning new skills while expanding their knowledge and understanding.


Many said they were becoming more aware of others and their situation and that working together for people’s mutual benefit and well-being was very satisfying.   



The get-together was organised by local community groups who have joined together to form Lee Green Consortium. They wanted to honour their members who provide hours of help with no tangible reward to support an activity, service or amenity on behalf of residents… whether it’s a health or fitness programme, maintaining a local park or providing activities from a community centre.



There was music, a buffet and a Prize Draw with vouchers donated by local shops and restaurants – Luciano’s, Pistachios in the Park, Archibald’s, Spice of Life Indian Cuisine, Shorter Hairdressers, Holistic Pilates, as well as bottles of Whisky, Gin and Champagne.

“You give your time freely and you make a huge difference to the area and all of us living here,” said Cllr Jim Mallory, Chair of Lee Green Lives, who welcomed the volunteers. “You do so much for others it’s time to say thank you to you,” he said “Many volunteers also help others, especially those who are isolated and disadvantaged, and organise events and activities that bring the community together.”

Volunteers can also get discounts from local shops as members of the Lewisham Local Card Scheme. Coordinator Joan Roach said the scheme a discount at a growing number of shops, businesses and leisure centres throughout Lewisham. There is no cost to joining the scheme or to the volunteers, all we ask is that groups register your organisation online via our website. Once registered the organisation can apply for cards for their members. Here is the link to register for this scheme: https://www.lewishamlocal.org.uk/community-organisations 







The members groups of the Consortium involved in the event were: Friends of Manor House Gardens, Lee Green Lives, Lee Manor Society, Users & Friends of Manor House Library, Friends & Users of Staplehurst Shops (FUSS), Lee Fair Share Time Bank, Lee Forum, Lee Green Open Studios, Lee Green Women’s Institute, Lee Manor Community Garden, Lochaber Hall Association, Manor House Library, Manor Park Users’ Group and Café, Newstead Tenants & Residents Association, Soul Refresh Café.

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