Volunteers pull their weight for refugees

Over 900 crates and sacks of clothing and other goods are now heading from Lee to Syria, after local charity GRACE packed a shipping container last week with the donated items.

A team of around 15 local volunteers loaded up the container at the Leegate Centre where GRACE (Greenwich Refugee Aid and Community Enterprise) has its headquarters. They were helped by a team of students from Wickham Court School.

The contents – which also included several wheelchairs – were donated over the past few months through GRACE’s collection points, assisted by other charities and refugee support groups across London. They will be distributed to Syrians displaced by the war in that country.

GRACE operates a charity shop in the Leegate Centre on three mornings a week selling donated items that aren’t suitable for refugee shipments. The shop is also the closest dropping off point for any local people wanting to donate clothing.

All clothing donations are welcome – particularly summer items (modest clothing in the case of women’s garments), as the next shipment, to a refugee camp in Greece, takes place later this month, during UK Refugee Week, 19-25 June. It would help if you could sort donations into bags labelled for men/women/boys/girls.
Visit GRACE at 18 Leegate, SE12 8SS. Opening hours: Weds-Fri: 9.30am – 1pm. Tel: 07971 690203; e-mail: aid@graceaid.org.uk

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