What is a community library?

Fun and games in Manor HouseGardensHow Lewisham describes Community Libraries Lewisham Council is now consulting on its Local Plan. This covers plans for developing the  infrastructure in Lewisham to meet our growing population’s changing and increasing needs. The infrastructure includes libraries. Those of you following the stories about plans for our Manor House Library to become a Community Library, may be interested in this paragraph: “Community library services are housed in centres that are run by community organisations providing a mix of activities for local people. These are mainly housed in former London Borough of Lewisham buildings that have been transferred to community organisations at minimal or no rent, as long as they are committed to maintaining the building, keeping it open to the community, and allow the Council to provide library services.” (Lewisham Local Plan, Consultation on Main Issues, Oct 2015, Copy for Public Consultation, Para 6.123) In other words, they are community centres with books.  Is that what we want for Manor House library?  

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