What’s happening at the Assembly on Thurs 23 Feb?

1. Manor House Library
A report from Council officers goes to Lewisham’s Mayor & Cabinet on 8 March, recommending that the contract to run Manor House as a Community Library goes to V22, a property management firm with experience of running community buildings, including Forest Hill Library. They are scheduled to start on 1 April 2017, restoring the library to its former hours. A meeting with Lee Green Assembly Working Group is expected to take place shortly to discuss plans on how best to accommodate local community groups’ needs and establish regular consultation.

2. Lee Green’s Local Plan
The Assembly’s agreed priorities – a cleaner, greener, better environment; parking and safer streets; Leegate and other building developments – will be reviewed, with residents at the meeting invited to say what they like about the area, what they dislike and one idea that would make a real difference. A report back will propose any changes arising from the review.

3. Lee Forum
Lee Forum will report on their progress towards developing a Neighbourhood Plan for the area. Set up to help local people influence the development and character of the area, they are currently gathering information to feed into the plan, which then has to be consulted on with everybody in the area. A key part of that information-gathering has been a series of local walks, still taking place. If you want to know more or become more involved, email info@leeforum.org.uk.

4. Local community groups come together
Local community and voluntary groups have formed a “consortium”, with some funding support agreed by the Assembly in November. Most of the money goes towards a repeat “Community Showcase”, which was such a success at last year’s Manor House Gardens Festival. Aims of the group include future working together in raising money, supporting each other’s volunteers and pooling information for everyone’s better use. Next meeting of the Consortium is on Thursday 20 April 7.30pm at the community centre in Leegate (opposite Iceland).

5. Also on the Agenda
Reports on Recycling in Lewisham and a proposal to build social housing on Burnt Ash Hill, as well as the local police’s regular Safer Neighbourhood update.

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