“Why we don’t want a tattoo studio in Manor Lane” – a resident’s view

Open all hours! Is this a good location for a tattoo parlour?

This week Lewisham Council is considering a planning application for change of use for 172 Manor Lane to a tattoo studio. The premises used to form part of the Complementary Health Centre.

Wrong location

The proposed location is an attractive, historic, small parade of shops, cafes and businesses in an otherwise residential area, with four primary schools within a few minutes’ walk. It has been a pleasure to see the existing businesses flourish. They are popular with those who work, live or go to school nearby.

We don’t think a tattoo studio is in keeping with the rest of the shops and businesses, which all offer services which local residents need and use. A tattoo studio wouldn’t provide a service residents need. What’s more, there is already a tattoo studio 5 minutes’ walk away in Lee Green.

Customers travelling from afar

The planning application says customers are expected from across London and the rest of the country. We’d like to see a business offering a service for our community. This is a residential area, not a shopping centre.

7 days a week opening including bank holidays

The planning application asks for permission for 7 day a week opening, even including bank holidays. The application says this is for the benefit of customers who are travelling from far afield, but it’s potentially noisy and disruptive for those living nearby! The premises are surrounded by streets of family houses.

Up to four tattooists operating with background music

The applicants say that any music they play will be at a “sociable volume”, but that is a relative term, and may not be what neighbours want on Boxing Day or Easter Monday! There could be four self-employed tattoo artists working at the shop at any time, as the four tattooists’ chairs are for hire. This is more than some neighbours seem to have realised, or appear to have been told.

This is a residential area. We really hope that whatever new business opens, it will be something residents need, and which contributes to our community, not a tattoo studio.

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